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Tax Planning and Estate Planning

Many estates are now liable to pay inheritance tax and this can substantially reduce the value of your estate passing to your loved ones.


Managing your wealth need not be taxing

Saunders Roberts' specialist team can advise on how best to manage your estate now to substantially reduce, or even remove completely, the amount of inheritance tax that you and your family may be liable to pay on your death.

It is important to take steps to deal with your assets effectively to ensure that your family are not burdened with a large tax bill following your death. Here at Saunders Roberts, we give tailor-made advice to assist you in achieving this. Careful planning can make a big difference to your legacy.

Lifetime planning: We can lessen the tax burden on your death by ensuring that you are aware of, and make the most of, the tax exemptions and reliefs available to you during your lifetime.

Death and post death planning: By including various provisions in your Will, you could greatly reduce the amount of tax your family pay thus ensuring that as much, if not all, of your estate passes to those who you would wish to benefit.

We can also advise loved ones in situations where someone’s Will or Intestacy may not have provided for them adequately; or in situations where their affairs are not ordered in the most tax efficient way. It may be possible to enter into a Deed of Variation to change the way things are left, up to two years from the date of death, to ensure that both tax considerations and any other concerns are properly dealt with.

For more information on our Tax and Estate Planning Services, why not send us a quick online message or give us a call?

Some Questions we can Answer:

1) What is the best way to set aside money for the children?
2) I have just been left a legacy by a relative, how will this affect my tax position?
3) How can I make sure my affairs are properly managed as I grow older?
4) I have assets and property abroad, how will this affect my inheritance tax position?
5) I am an unmarried cohabitee, what is the best way to ensure that my children do not pay too much inheritance tax on my death?

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