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Agriculture, Rural Business and Charities

Saunders Roberts provide a professional and friendly service for both Agricultural Sales, Leases and Purchases to Charity Sales, Purchases and Trustee obligations.


Agriculture/Market Gardening/Rural Business

Saunders Roberts provide professional legal advice to small family farms and large farming companies. We advise on the wide range of personal, property and commercial questions faced by those working in agriculture in the twenty-first century.

Saunders Roberts Solicitors provide all aspects of advice relating to land/farm sales and purchases, telecoms leases, granting and renewal of leases within the landlord & Tenant (Agricultural Tenancies) Act 1986, granting and renewal of farm business tenancies, Easements,  together with the preparation of Partnership agreements and Shareholder Agreements.

Saunders Roberts Solicitors Buying and selling agricultural land and businesses
Saunders Roberts Solicitors Farm business tenancies
Saunders Roberts Solicitors Contracting and share-farming arrangements
Saunders Roberts Solicitors Formation of companies and partnerships
Saunders Roberts Solicitors Employment Issues
Saunders Roberts Solicitors Will drafting and succession planning
Saunders Roberts Solicitors Advice on estate planning with a view to passing down the family farm or shares in the most tax efficient way
Saunders Roberts Solicitors Drafting of trusts


Please contact Patrick Boyd for more information:


All the time Law is changing for Charities. While it is good news that attention is being focused on simplifying charity law and administration, recent laws have resulted in a bewildering changes for charity trustees. Saunders Roberts will guide you through these changes, providing training and updates for your trustees and executives to make sure that they are fully up to date.

Saunders Roberts provide all aspects of advice relating to Charities. Our dedicated charities team advises on setting up and running charities and other not-for-profit organisations of all sizes, from nationally well-known names to local community groups.

Saunders Roberts Solicitors Charity law and governance
Saunders Roberts Solicitors Setting up a charity
Saunders Roberts Solicitors Incorporation
Saunders Roberts Solicitors Trustees roles and responsibilities
Saunders Roberts Solicitors Charity Commission issues
Saunders Roberts Solicitors Constitutional reviews
Saunders Roberts Solicitors Remuneration of trustees
Saunders Roberts Solicitors Indemnity insurance for trustees
Saunders Roberts Solicitors Legacy management and disputes
Saunders Roberts Solicitors Understanding public sector procurement procedure and contracts, including advice on achieving full cost recovery
Saunders Roberts Solicitors Incorporation of private Charities

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