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Civil Litigation, Employment Law and Contentious Probate

Saunders Roberts deal with all Civil Litigation, Employment Law and Contentious Probate cases, ranging from setting up your business and employment disputes to Professional Negligence. We offer an efficient and painless service to get you through the situation by advising and guiding you all the way.


Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is a process for resolving public and private legal disputes in civil matters through negotiation or through the courts.

Saunders Roberts Solicitors are experienced in dealing with both business and private clients in disputes about breach of contract, negligence claims, debt collection and employment disputes for both employer and employee.

Resolving disputes can be expensive. Saunders Roberts give you a cost effective service. We can advise on a range of funding alternatives that exist to meet this obligation and where appropriate arrange after the event legal expenses cover.

Contentious Probate

Personal InjuryWhether you have concerns about the validity of a will or the unfairness of how an estate is distributed (whether there is a valid will or not). Saunders Roberts can help you. We can advise you in a sensitive and professional manner about all aspects of these situations, including how to resolve them through the court if necessary or how this may be avoided.

Employment Law

Employment LawSaunders Roberts are experienced in providing information for, and dealing with, issues which small businesses are faced with today. Whether you are an employee or an employer, we can advise and represent you. From setting up your business to employing staff  we can help you with all areas.

We cover a vast range of services for Civil Litigation, Employment Law and Contentious Probate below are just a few...

Saunders Roberts Solicitors Land and property disputes
Saunders Roberts Solicitors Contentious probate
Saunders Roberts Solicitors Debt collection
Saunders Roberts Solicitors Business lease renewal claims
Saunders Roberts Solicitors Professional negligence
Saunders Roberts Solicitors Employment Disputes
Saunders Roberts Solicitors Employment terms & conditions, staff manuals & policies.
Saunders Roberts Solicitors Tribunals/court; representation & advice.
Saunders Roberts Solicitors Corporate services; employment issues on commercial transactions in particular TUPE.
Saunders Roberts Solicitors HR Consultancy on employment legislation

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